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10/21/05 "I got the roadrunner for a film teacher"
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If this didn't happen. I really woulda put up another AOYU. I swear to all of you he really did run away. Cause I've been bugging him to read it, cause he's writing about comics or something. So I'm going to email him.

I'm drawing ever closer to finish my book. I'm going to glue the book on Monday then by Wednesday it should be done. I'm not selling this particular one. This will be my work.

Now I was wondering about what kind of merch should I make. Cause the postcards were a big hit. I plan to do some more. However if there is no interested in that I'd like to know. I'd also like to see what else you guy's would like. Or if I shouldn't bother making anything and stick with the comics. Cause I plan to make books, pins, postcards, stickers, magnets and shirts. If that's something you guys are interested I'd like to know.

Well that's all people. Take it easy.

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