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10/5/05 "Every try to put a monkey in a line-up?"
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I find it very interesting that what most people find most endearing about this comic, is that it's so poorly done. The lousy borders, the 2 year old style grammer, miss-spells, and the totally crappyness of my drawing.

Yet dispite all those things, people(even some of my fellow art students) absolutly love(maybe overexagerating) my comic. They all look past the obvious flaws into the heart of the comic. Me. I guess I should feel proud.

I'm currently talking with my graphic design teacher in "pubishing" my comics in a book form. In hopes of having my comics in a real live art show. If it turns out okay. I may make more, for you guy's. Let me know what you think of that.

In other news, I made a short film in class today, with a group. We adapted the story of hamlet. We managed to tell the whole story in about three minutes. It was funny. But other movies were very deep and experimental. Ours was just funny.


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