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11/11/05 "He actually made a newspaper blanket" & "Vetrens day"

"Vetrens day"

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I have finally defeated the dial-up demon. I'm on dsl now bitch. So I can update lightning quick. WOOOOOOO. So here's today's comic brought to you by verizon dsl. Also today is a year from the very first comic from my second sketchbook(It's important cause that's when I started dating my comics individually). I plan to just celebrate the date which I started the website for my comics, which is sometime in December.

Comic 1
No friday would be complete without mentioning typography class. He laid underneath the computers, I laid underneath a table, what fun. It's getting to the point I'd be better off living inside the labs, cause it's coming to the end and now all the stuff I shoulda been working on are gonna get rushed to be done. So if I survive I'm gonna get drunk.

Comic 2
Preston and Steve were talking about veterans today, and how a guy made it a point to call a veteran and thank him. I figure I could thank them in my own way. I appreciate the willingness to defend this country, not certain battles they actually fought. I don't want to seem ungrateful, cause I am, grateful that is.

That's all, don't forget to vote for me, please. Night guys.

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