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11/22/05 "Suicide is not funny"
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Well I'm back. Did you miss me? I thought I start off with a big thank you to all the guys who did a comic for me this week.

Now I will recap what I did during my week off (cause I didn't draw any comics about it last week).

Tuesday 11/15, Thursday 11/17, Saturday 11/19, Monday 11/20: did absolutely nothing or was recovering from the night before.

Monday 11/14 "South Street hop": My best friend Andrew and I went out on went bar hopped from 218, to the Blarney, to Fat Tuesdays, to The Tattooed mom, then Cheerleaders. Out of all the places we went, I recommend Blarneys or Tattooed Mom. The Tattooed mom was very comfortable and very artsy. I don't recommend cheerleaders though, cause the cover charge is $10 and you don't get your money's worth.

Wednesday 11/16 "Dave and Busters": After school I went to Dave and Busters to meet up with two good friends Theresa and Jay. I had a delicious JD BBQ chicken. Had a few drinks and hit up video games. I played mostly shooter video games, to see how accurate I am inebriated. Had a few beers too, then we went to the diner for a little while.

Friday 11/18 "Atlantic City misadventure": Another friend of mine named Eric, met me at my house. We then got driven to Atlantic City by my mom. After arriving we had dinner together with my mom and the people who got us the cheap rooms. As we were finishing up we were met by friend Lars. We finished up then said goodbye to mom and hit the casinos. We went to Caesars, Balleys, Wild Wild West, Sands, and the Hilton. We did nickel and penny slots, and some roulette. After we grew wary of gambling we turned to the bars. At the end of the night Lars left us and me and Eric adjourned to sleep. I didn't win anything, truth be told I think I spent most of my money on alcohol. $10 FOR A TINY SHOT OF SOCO AT THE FUCKING SANDS. Eric refuses to let me forget that.

Sunday 11/20 "Journey to Boston": My dream for my 21st birthday was to have a drink at Cheers. Around 6 in the morning mom woke me up and we prepared for the long journey ahead of us. I decided to take the first shift and we picked up Kelly. I basically drove the whole way up. Just to prove I could, which I did. We arrived in Boston around 12:30 or 1. We went to the replica of the TV show Cheers. We had lunch and got two mugs for souvenirs. We looked around the shopping center that surrounded the restaurant for awhile. Then we went to the actual bar that inspired the show, Bull and Finch. Since we were still kinda full from lunch we just had drinks and dessert. After finishing up we headed for home. We stopped at one of the few Roy Rogers in existence for dinner. Then around 11:30, after dropping Kelly off, we were home.

BR>That's basically all that happened. So enjoy the strip and I'll see you tomorrow. Don’t forget to vote.

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