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11/5/05 "Don't you wish you were there?"
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Well I'm back. It was great, with problems, but they were small.

I went over thursday to go to class and work. My friends were throwing a party for their organization RASA. I helped set up Jay as the DJ, and just hung around there. I went to a party and stayed at a friends house and got to bed around 4 am.

I woke up around 7:15 and walked over to the campus. Updated my comic and waited for people to show up. Around quarter off people came. We boarded and headed up. We listened to music, chatted and some played hangman.

We got into New York around 10:00, then we hit traffic. Got of the bus and headed out with my graphic design teacher. Since the museum wasn't going to open till twelve, we decided to get some food. Me and my group went to McDonalds. Afterwards we headed to the subway and road up to Long Island City. We arrived at the musuem and waited for it too open. We were met there by the sculpture teacher which had a studio closeby. We went in and looked around. The best exhibit was on the top floor. I can't explain it, because it's worth seeing. Lot's of cvameras and tvs, it was cool. We left. We got a couple of blocks away and we realized we lost someone. Luckly we got him and headed to the subway.

We road into Manhatten and got off. We walked to a Japanese book store, because a lot of people wanted to go. Hung around there for awhile. On the way out my graphic design teacher, said "You didn't buy anything, I thought you wanted to go", I said back "Even if I did, I couldn't read it" cause most of the books were in Japanese.

Next the group shrunk, then went to the Museum of Modern Art. It turned free after 4. Luckly we jumped into the line before the crowds rushed in. We looked around it was cool.

Next we took the train to SOHO to eat dinner. We met up with some others from the groups. We ate at a Tia resutrant called Republic. I was aprhensive of course, but I ordered some chicken(I always order chicken in new resturants) it was delicious.

Afterwards we took the train to chinatown where we met up with the bus. Afterwards, we found out the bus was broke. After some time, they decided the bus is broke and we waited for a new one. Around ten after nine the new bus came and we got on and headed home. They put in sienfeld and we headed home. I got home around 11 or so, and just realxed.

Unfortuantly I'm really sore. I'm just hoping it's from all the walking. I kinda want to go back and walk around and see more stuff outside.

Well that's all, enjoy and see you guys tomorrow.

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