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12/6/05 "Just like Mom use to render"
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After spending two hours rendering the same scene twenty different ways, having the majority of the animators in the program in the same room and a friend, who is a photo major, saying that animators are weird, I've come to realize something. Animators aren't weird, we're just cartoons. We've basically become the very thing we are dedicated to making, real living cartoons. Which explains a lot. Being raised on cartoons, becoming passionate about them, they eventually become a large part of an animators life. So you assimilate them into our own personalities, the off the wall humor and the randomness. At least it is for me. I have been told several times (truthly, by the same person) that I am a living cartoon, and that's how I see my fellow animators, just giant cartoons.

Also for those of you that are curious. Rendering is basically making a picture out of your models(objects), textures(material applied to your model), lights and shadows. I got two more renders up from class today, so check em out. I don't mean to write jokes only certain people get, but I figured with me in an apron and 50's housewives hair it wouldn't matter.

That's my musing for today, thanks for listening and reading.

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