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Since my roommate decided to sleep at a somewhat resonable hour I got the comics up late. Anyway enjoy. Also beware of new strips in the future from Under Construction and a as of yet untitled (CBA SONG, hmm now that I think about it may be the new title.) comic strip joining the Stars on the Ceiling mix. It be a speacial installment that would only appear on cetain days, or at least I hope so. Well go back to enjoying, later.

I always try to draw holiday appropriate outfits whenever I can.

I ordered chicken and rice, it was more rice and sausage then chicken, but I was full thanks to bread and soda. For desert I got a soogy with milk pound cake. I got mad cause I saw for dinner they have barabcued chicken. I also find it funny whenever I go out to eat with my family they always talk about how I eat as if I'm not even there.

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