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7/23/05 "The Only Comic Updated Before I Sleep"
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My head hurts. With that said Let's talk about my day.

I hung out with my friend Dawn again. I decided to go to the Deptford Mall. Seems we are hitting the malls and movie theaters of South Jersey.

We ate at Apple Bees. It wasn't great. If I ever go back I may get a steak or something.

Next stop the mall. I must say I found the most shocking thing I have ever saw. A Hot Topic ACROSS FROM A HOT TOPIC. Granted one was classic Hot Topic while the one across was Hot Topic "ROCK". I felt the need to go up to the guy at the Rock version to say "When did hot topic become starbucks?", I think I offended him cause he broke down the difference between the two. The Rock one actually had music. In any case I picked up the Coheed and Cambria comic. It's the second, so now I need the first.

Next we went to the movies and saw The Island. It was an action packed movie. Lost of shit blowing up. Plus the hot Scarlett Johanson. Oh yea.

Anyway, night all.

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