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7/30/05 "Visitor"
"Q-mart Verses the Aicheles"
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Comic 1
It's one of our neighbors at the cottage. Barnet(I forget the first name).

Comic 2
Saturday the gang hit Q-mart. Me, Dave and Joe couldn't wait so we headed of in the white car. Between Dave, Joe and Big Guy they tore that place apart. They bought Cds, records, video games. They were bargin hunters who hit the motherload. Grown tired of Q-Mart Me, Dave and Joe left and hung around the cottage waiting for the rest to come home. Basically we sat in all night watching movies.

Friday we eventually decided on going to the mall (if forget the name). We all piled into the van and took off. We walked all around the mall, seperating then coming back togther then seperating again. I bought a new chain for my wallet. It's good to have it back.

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