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8/27/05 "Day out with Sis"
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Yesturday however was much more eventful. My sister Kelly's work had a worker outing. It was around when I was in the gift shop when I realized they changed the name from the New Jersey State Aquarium to Adventure Aquarium. It was early so not too many people there. Just Kelly's friends from work. They were very fun and cool to hang around with (Not saying it cause Kelly reads this). We managed to walk through and see everything in like an hour. It's amazing that all the tanks had magnafieying glass for the fronts. Is it wierd to just wait for something to scare me while walking through the aquarium? Anywho around one we left to go to Dave and Busters. They had a lunch buffet and OPEN BAR. I took full advantage. Milkshakes soda and some morgan and sprite. Next I hit the Midway with my ten dollar game card I got for free. Played all shooting games really. They didn't have any really adventure games to play except the old games. Also don't try to win tickets anymore. My grip is that I spent five bucks and got two games out of the large toy crane. I coulda got five from the shore. Bastards. Well afterwards me and Kell were wiped and it was raining so I just stayed home.

That's about it. Goodnight.

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