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8/6/05 "Neck"
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The show was pretty awesome. We arrived at Morielltes(or something) and we had to wait for them to clear out the tables and chairs in the dinning room. Then we had to wait till around 9:30 before the first band went on.

The Stone Jack Ballers opened the show. They were awesome. It was a reunion show. They haven't play togther in seven months. They did good. There fans where there in droves. They screamed request and for an encore. So it was a very hard act to follow.

Around 11 we finally got to play. We rocked out with are set. It was cool. We had a nice crowd of family and friends there and I thank you for going. After we were done we got some nice complements from the crowd. Espeically the lead singer for Stone Jack Ballers, Matt. He said we had great harmonies. I was suprised cause neither Dave or Me can sing. But it was nice of him to say it.

There's talk of more shows coming. I hope so.

Well I guess that's it. Take er easy people.

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