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8/8/05 "If You Don't Get It, Your Not From Philly"
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I heard it on the radio. Some guy who visits places, who knows. I just wonder who says that.

Aparently my grandmom is going to check out my comic too. I'm going to be interested on what she thinks. Especailly with some of the humor I use.

I don't know about this comic. I mean I don't know if it's as good as it's suppose to be. I mean it's still got good jokes. But it was never really about that. It was just my place to express myself. I don't know I just get a feeling that the quality is kinda dropped. I could be crazy or just don't know about the comic. Oh well maybe I've just lost the passion. I was thinking of taking a break. But I'm worried I'd lose all the new people that come to my comic. *sigh* I'll figure something out.

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