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9/28/05 "MMMMM slantey"
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I finished Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.

What, Tim read a book? I shall explain. A guy brought in a shopping cart of kids type books into the library. I found that book and a wrinkle in time. My friend really liked the movie Secrets of Nimh, so me I read a lot of books that became movies. In any case I really liked it. It was an easy read so I got through it quick. I'm now trying to read the Exorcist. See how that goes.

Today in my graphic design class, the teacher took us to the Walt Whitman center (a performing arts building behind the dorms, that nobody really knows is there) and made us put tags on things with a fact and a myth. i'm wondering, when did we go back to first grade? The sculpture teacher honestly talks to us like we are little kids, kinda annoying.

Backwards Alphabet played a last minute show at Saint Joe's senior barbeque. We thought it be funny to be on a slanted road blocking the way of students. Unfortuantly it wasn't really good for Dave's drums. Unfortuantly my guitars or other things keep messing up and dropping out. So I hated that. We played an mostly ignored, pretty good set. The good news is we might be the band for ever senior event at the school. Man rutgers don't do that.

Well I want to go, bye bye.

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