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9/7/05 "Oh, that silly transvestite"
"Yes I said it"
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Comic 1
I'm not really against the idea of the whole putting different types of artist togther to see what you get. The teacher promises that we'll still learn everything that we need. So I'm not worrying about being cheated out of learning anything. It's just that the painting teacher is kinda annoying. I may be overreacting, but I do find her frustraiting.

Also I drew myself in drag to pay omage to the guy who originally came up with the punchline. I'm sure people who know me could guess who the person is. Eddie Izzard. I also did this cause I always wanted to draw me as Eddie.

Comic 2
I did the yea I said it comic, for two reasons. One, because I thought I shouldn't. The second was because I truely thought it was funny. I originally thought of this when I was in my computer animation class. They were talking about building a jewish muesam in philly. Everytime they said Jew I giggled. Cause it just sounds funny. It may be just me.

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