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1/11/06 "I like drawing rain for some reason"
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Tell me you never thought of that song when it was raining out.

In any case I'm updating early for my usual wednesday met up with my friends Jay and Theresa. Hopefully won't be as crowded as last week. I think I'll also pay for the drink I got last week.

I'm sooooo close to cracking 100 on the webcomic list. Thank you guys for voting. I couldn't of made it from the low 600 to around 130 without you. Blease your big hearts.

I know it's 11 days late but I want to say HAPPY WINTER-EEN-MAS. I hope your all enjoying it so far. It so close to the actual week. I guess I'll be celebrating by going to D&B and playing games. But I celebrate it by playing Metal Gear 3. Which I think is totally lame you have to catch food to survive.

That's all. Night everybody. Don't forget to vote. *mwuah*
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