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1/7/06 "Vans"
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See I pride myself that I can turn something boring and turn it around. Luckily it's easier with certain things.

Well recently a guy named Brandon McFadden who does something called Fat Cat Online critiqued my comic. He admired my daily update schedule. But he thought my work was sloppy and rushed, and not very clean. Which I totally agree with, but as many of you have told me that's what you like about my comic. He also said that the website sucks, but I got someone working on that.

Back to the other point, about the sloppiness. To improve the quality of the comic, which I have to admit it won't be much, cause I doubt I can draw any better given more time. I could cut back my updating to only a couple of times a week to be decided later. Unless you guy's like the comic itself the way it is.

So let me hear you guy's. Better quality, or it's fine the way it is. I'd like to hear what you guy's have to say. Cause I can go either way and I need to see how you guy's feel about it.

Thanks again. See you tomorrow.
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