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11/13/06 "I will continue to never wash this face again"
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First off I forgot to mention about yesterday's comic is that it's 100% real. As I was driving home from dropping Darcy off I saw a car with all that stuff. Freaky if you ask me haha.

Now onto the show yesterday. First was the three hour wait in line in the rain. I blame The TLA for not letting us stand under the sign out front. Instead they make you wait in an alley next to imagine. Which SUCKED!!! However me and Tiff formed a cool group of folks that hung out and talked. Finally we get into the show. Since my hoodie was soaked I had to hide it inside a beam. I eventually dryed and warmed up as did everybody else.

As for the show. I liked it. However the crowd seemed kinda mellow and bored. There were groups of people that were excited and rocking, but most of the crowd seemed bleh. However there was a penguin in the crowd haha. The Matches came on first, they were okay, some good songs and such. Then +44 came on, the crowd went fucking nuts. It is plain to see who they came too see that night, MARK!! Travis was funny behind his drumset flailing his bad left arm as he hit things with his right. +44 had some good songs, kinda slow towards the middle, but it picked up pretty good. If you knew nothing about Mark, you would have never of guessed he was in a punk band before. In any case it was an awesome show.

Afterwards I heard screaming "MARK MARK" and I look to my right and I see Mark with two huge body guards making his way to his merch booth. Yea, a whole bunch of people were screaming they touched Mark. The comic reflects my attitude.

That's all besides that tomorrow is my B-day. So I shall talk to you soon. LATER!!!

"Alcohol, my permanent accessory. Alcohol, a party-time necessity. Alcohol, alternative to feeling like yourself. O Alcohol, I still drink to your health."
(Alcohol, Barenaked Ladies)

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