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11/15/06 "Come on free spin!!!"
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Yea a lot of people keep saying since I'm 22 I'm now old. Well besides the fact people are calling me old I really don't see it that way. I've always felt old. Groaning getting up, my knees crack, and I moan when I lay down. So I'm pretty much old already. haha

What a great birthday. Thanks to all who made it possible.

I started of my birthday by going into work early. Then at 12 I ran over to the animation lab to gather the gang to head to the Pearl. We had some food and drink. Awesome Jess payed for me and I have thanked her a lot. We left and we went our seprate ways. After class I went home, did my comic thing. Around 8 I went to Chickie and Petes to hang with South Philly friends. Fun times were had. I then picked up Darcy and raced back to Chickie and Petes to say goodbye to everybody. After that me and Darcy hung out for a bit. Ending the day where it usually starts, in bed.

That's basically it. I've thanked everyone in a group and seperatly. So I say one last time. THANKS!!!

"So you're tired of living and you feel like you might give in? Well don't. It's not your time."
(A Better Place, A Better Time, Streetlight Manifesto)

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