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11/6/06 "Mixed-up metaphors"
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Yea, Darcy been having some bad luck with jobs, so I tried to help in my usual way. Say something dumb. Ironically I was worried I'd forget it, so Darcy wrote it down on a matchbook. Unfortuantly when I was drawing it at work today, I didn't have it. So alas I made it as close to what I said as I could. Don't get me wrong, it is incredible close, but I think it does lack certain phrasing. In either case, I do like it.

I close with another birthday wish to my friend Lis cut from the team.


"Sat on your roof young in eighty-two. How you remember is how it remains. Turn down the light so now I can die. We'll always remember how we remained."
(Emma Discovery, The Anniversary)

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