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2/20/06 "Hanging"
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I got something to share with my only friends. You guys.

If I didn't sleep so good, I'd really think I was depressed. Depressed in a medical term, otherwise I feel it. For the last couple of months it just been just a long line of depression or just kinda blah crap. I don't know what's causing it or how to stop it. Which depresses me even further. Might be loneliness, might be too much work, might be trying to graduate. Bah.

I have bouts of happiness when I hang out with friends. Which I always appreciate.

With all this depression and the name, I thought of calling this "the most emo webcomic on the net". Thinking I'd catch the emo trend. But then that might repel as much as it attracts. Luckily there are moments of funniness to balance the depressing stuff.

Well thanks for listening guys. See you tomorrow and don't forget to vote.
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