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2/22/06 "Lucy: editor in chief"
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Thinking about Lucy's fifth appearance and concerned about how it looks that is her fifth appearance I decided to go back through most of my strips to really see who's been in my strip. The rules were that they have to be in it. After going through it, in the grand scheme of how many times people have appeared in my comic, it really is no big deal. Also I say again, nobody looks like the person they represent.

Well, I think I failed again on representing her, but I want to at least make it look like a girl. Hopefully I did it. I took forever to do the first panel, cause I just wanted it took look pretty good. I think the last panel was good.

Several people have asked to edit this comic. Fitz, Lucy, and today a guy named Mike. I'm always confused by this, because I wonder, why the hell would you want to do that? I mean seriously, why would you waste your time reading every lame joke I do. It would also be a ridiculous thing to do, because I UPDATE EVERYDAY. If I had to go through another person, it take longer to get my comic ready. I'd have to come up with an idea, send it out, get the edit back, fix it, probably send it again, get the final edit, draw it out, then put it up. It's just generally easier just to do it myself and take the blame.

Well goodnight, vote for me.
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