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2/26/06 "Credit card"
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Well Friday recap (on Sunday *ahem*). Well it all started when Jess met me at my house, Dave and Ted were not far behind. We all piled in Dave's car and headed to the stadium. We got tickets met up with Dave's friends, Frank and his friend Dave, and went in. It was a cool game. Sadly the refs were on the ball so no fights. Lot's of broken sticks for some reason. Phantoms won. After the game we said goodbye to Frank and Dave (other Dave) and we decided to get some food. We decided to go in separate cars because we were going to eat on city line. I went with Jess and we went to Friday's no go, then we went to Hooliahan's. We sat, talked, drank, and ate. It was great fun. Also kinda funny listening to Jess and Dave go on about old Nickelodeon shows. Haha.

Well now I have five pieces to turn into the art show. They're awesome, well hopefully. First time my photos will be in a "gallery". Cause I doubt I could get into a real one. Haha.
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