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3/17/06 "If you say it right, it's not perverted"
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Top of the morning to yea. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Since i already did a dress up one for this holiday, I don't want to repeat myself(*cough*).

I made the last panel soooo cheesy that non of my friends that are girls think that I'm a pervert. Being a goofy dork beats being a pervert anyday. I also like how I'm getting back to the sex jokes I use to make back in the old days.

I was onĀ Housd today and I saw an interesting advertisement for a webcomic contest. It's calledĀ Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge. Basically if the last person to break the m-f update scheduale get's loses. I thought to myself. Wusses, I update 7 days a week. I could win this contest in a walk. Or so I think. But I think I'd do pretty well. I'm already about three months without missing a day. But alas it's to late for me to enter. *sigh* well maybe next time.

I'm going to see V for Vendetta tonight WOOOOOOO. Then who knows. Later.

"You're such an inspiration for the ways that I'll never ever choose to be"
(Judith, A Perfect Circle)
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