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3/20/06 "Makes you think"
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Well there was a book called "wagging non-violent struggle" hence today's comic.

Well today sucked, because I ran to the bus and at some point my legs wouldn't stay under me. So how I managed to stay upright is beyound me. I just acredit it to the fact my body didn't fully wake up yet. My lungs burned, I felt like I was gonna throw up, but I was on the bus. It also sucked cause I have no idea where my jump drive is. I needed it more today, cause it had all the work I had to print out for graphic design class today. So it's either sitting on fron step (meaning I'll never see it again) or it's at my house somewhere. I hope it's the ladder cause that's fifty bucks right there. FUCKER!!!!

I'm thinking of going to an anime convention to further my comci. Unfortuanly there will be many things to pay for. I hate paying for things. It's not till August so I have time to save and start gathering things to sell. Here's hoping.

That's all, talk to you guys later.

"He loves you, who loves you more? To let you go"
(Decisions, Decisions, The Starting Line)
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