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3/22/06 "Flight and crash"
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Believe it or not, I think this comic is a metaphor for how I feel about these types of comics, the kind where it's just a joke, has no reflection on what I'm doing in real life or real life.

The first panel is me, being proud I have a comic. The second panel is me hating the comic cause it's not based on reality and is not really a Stars on the Ceiling comic. The last panel is me realizing I made a comic and it's a cool one(I think) and I should get over it.

Tonight's a big night for hanging out with Theresa and Jay. Talk to you guys later.

"I got a story it's almost finished, all i need is someone to tell it too, maybe, that's you."
(The World We Love, Jimmy Eat World)
Fitting quote for my comic
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