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3/27/06 "Cartoon violence, how original"
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There was a shooting in Seattle and for some reason Allan wanted to talk about it. Of course whenever there is violence talking about people who are quiet, kinda loners they say without fail "stay away from Tim". I've heard countless times I'm so easy to make fun off. I figure it's cause how I react and the fact I do. Eight years I've had to deal with this shit. What the fuck man? No end in sight it seems. How fucking nice.

If you haven't noticed before this isn't a very kid friendly comic strip. Fowl language, violence, advocating violence, suicide, sexual content, and depression(even though Charlie Brown had to be a manic depressive). But hey, it's real life and as I started I am still unapoligetic. Also luckly nobody complains about what I say. WOOOOO it pays to be obscure and underground, you get less hate mail.

I set up a portfolio journal yay. Click here

Fuck you guys, I LOVE YOU!!!!

"Then like a sinner before the gates of heaven, I'll come crawling on back to you."
(Bat out of Hell, Meatloaf)
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