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3/4/06 "Good news everyone"
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So thanks to Nick and Jess for the awesome time at first friday. Even though it wasn;t that great. I think the cold weather brings out the lazyness of some art galleries. Not as many people, why try? They must ask themselves. Food at Old City Pizza was good. There was some nice illustrative works on display for some reason. Also a guy who had work resembling to Georga o' Keefe(sorry art people if I spelled that wrong). After we got bored of it we walked down to South Street. We walked around, got Dairy Queen. Which is open for the season, yet KFC isn't. Can you explain that. Then we went back to Jersey and drove around and ended up in a diner(like most jersey kids I hear, it was also the diner across the street from the place my cousins funearl was at. We sat around, kids coming from a dance were there. Next we went to Jess's house to watch futurama. We didn't get past the first disk. Thankfully Nick agreed to take me home and Jess for going with him. We stopped at a slow McDonalds for a snack. Then they dropped me off.

It was awesome. Take it easy people. Later.
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