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4/19/06 "Spring day"
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Today's the last day of this site. Regarding this site tomorrow. It will now host all the comic it holds up to today. I'm also keeping the fun stuff(minus the banner) and the guestbook.

In regards to the new site. I goes without saying about updating and new comics. But the links, contact and guest art will all be moved there.

So wave goodbye to the nice site. It served us all well.

Another funny thing about spring day is that Nick messed up Eric's frisbee. Haha, by accident of course. Always nice to hang out with the gang.

Well gonna rock out at band practice tonight. Later.

"And when I fall asleep your all that I see You're in my thoughts and all of my prayers I wish I could mean all that you mean to me My angel without wings."
(Angel, Slick Shoes)
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