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4/25/06 "Pistolia"
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Well class was interesting, since everybody is finishing up, every bodies half panicking and half just relaxing and finishing.

Much thanks to AWESOME JESS, for helping out Pistolia by taking my drums to the show <3. We started setting up the artwork for the art show around 1:30. Smalls, Christina, Bill, Shane and I set most of it up throughout the day. We also got the new art magazine. Where I got credited for design and have two comics in, WOOOOOO. Show started around 7. First band was a weird music band with two guys. Just very experimental and weird haha. Then Tsunami Rising. They sounded like a ska band, it was awesome. Then us Pistolia. We started relatively strong, but kinda faltered towards the end, everybody said we were awesome. I guess I'll take their word for it. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR KIND WORDS, I LOVE YOU!!!!! Then The Backyard Fox, who rocks my socks. Much love. They are really good.

"We used to carpool, and on the way, we'd make up stories like how we're gonna be a rock star."
(Tuesday's Waiting, Halifax)
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