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4/9/06 "Just a thought"
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Yea, see I'm torn. Cause today I found out my Uncle Eddie, who lives in California, calls my grandparents every time he reads I'm depressed in this comic (also I'm totally clueless about my Uncle's favorite comic of mine). So I'm torn by being completely honest and the people who'll take this the wrong way. When I say "wrong way" is that I'm threatening to kill myself. Granted I'm sure I could think of a few moderately valid reason why. But I never would ever do such a selfish and foolish thing. There are most of you who know that and I guess I'm happy about that. Truthfully I feel dumb even explaining this to you guys, cause you know me better then that, I'm not that much of an attention whore to actually do this to show off how depressed I am. It's just honesty, hopefully this won't put any off you guys off. I do love life don't get me wrong, just sometimes death seems so much easier. I mean, don't you guys feel that way sometimes?

Had palm Sunday brunch with the family. It was a rare thing that all the family is there. It was cool, and such.

Voices of a Distant Star is a great anime short. You should go watch it.

I got nothing else to say. Later.

"It's my last semester. And brothers always come first. It's my last semester (it's my last semester). At least until next winter (at least until next winter). But I'm sure that I'll be over this by then."
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