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5/13/06 "Oh that Jose"
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Awesome party. Thanks Christina. I hitched a ride with Bill and Jose. We started drinking around 2. People started showing up like a couple hours later. At the peak, Jon and his girlfriend(which I apologize on forgetting her name), Jess, Bill, Jose, Jamie, Nick L, Nick S, Lucy, Cathy, Aaron and Wendi and her boyfriend. Fun was had by all. The best was sitting around the bonfire throwing stuff into it. Around 3 or so in the morning Lucy, Nick S, Christina, Aaron and me took a stop at some diner. Unfortunately I couldn't finish my food. After that Aaron took me and Christina back to her house, where I proceed to pass out on her couch. This is just an overview, cause to have had the full experience you had to be there.

Definitely a I'll never drink again day. But I should be fine by tomorrow. That is all. Take care.

"Did it on Ritalin. I got me some good grades. Now I work me the night shift. Where I pull and pull and pull till it hurts Pull and pull till it hurts."
(Hello Time Bomb, Matthew Good Band)
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