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5/19/06 "It twas a gay old time old chap"
"Myspace Bulletin"
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Going to see my good friends Without Parachute again today. I'd say you should go.

Yea it was called Biker bar or something. I didn't notice what it was till I started to see the posters hanging around. Yea, Greg failed to mention it was a leather bar, but he knew I wouldn't care. In anycase it was very fun. I also got hit on by the host Stacy. It flattered me cause I got hit on. Just sucks it wasn't a hot chick, but hey can't win them all.

Yea, that's it. Take it easy folks.

"Streetlight. Saturday night. I've never seen anyone looking so fine."
(Foozaboolah, Without Parachute)
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