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5/27/06 "I don't even like White Castle"
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Yea, me Jess, her boyfriend Pat, and Nick went to White Castle. Took about an hour each way. We get up there and they keep asking what you getting, you getting anything? I wasn't going to go all that way and not order anything. So I got chicken rings(onion rings, but with chicken instead of onion), and fries. Pretty good.

Heeeeeereeeee's Nick. He's a graphic designer I met at school. He's a cool guy who was always eager to get in my comic. For awhile he keep asking "when am I gonna appear in your comic". Haha. He also runs a website called Jersey Happy. Quite interesting.

"Photograph - I don't want your Photograph - I don't need your Photograph - All I've got is a photograph But it's not enough."
(Photograph, Def Leppard)
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