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5/31/06 "To much country is very bad"
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Just wanted to say thanks again to Mark, Nick, Jess, Mikey C, and Jon for contributing. I love you all. Now it's back to your regularly scheduled programming. Go to the guest art page to recap the awesome comics.

Speaking of which I fixed up the guest comic page on this site. Now it's changed to Guest art. To incorperate guest comics and other random art with me in it. It now features two comics by Davez and one drawing by Pat (go take a look). I also moved around all the guest comics, so it seems more organized.

Yea country sucks. Funniest was a country version of "Guess you can't go home" by Bon Jovi.

I guess that is all. Later.

P.S. Happy Birthday kell.

"Woke up today around 6 in the morning. Violently shaking, remembering what she once saw. She bared it alone so she carried on. She seeks to find the answers for. The reasons her life did not turn out more like a movie ."
(Like A Movie, Midtown)
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