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5/4/06 "Animation comes to a close"
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The total I believe is 22 to games to none. I feel ashamed. We have not won one game of capture the flag. Sadness and such. In today's game of unreal, one guy beat two off us and one other visitor. That just makes the fact he beat us sadder. But hey they've been playing it a lot longer. I do plan to play over the summer. Also technically it's not the last time we'll play against the old school, but a good portion, cause they're graduating. Which is good, cause we get to take over next year. Getting tired of being called a noob. Fucking elitist bastards. But I wish them all good luck. They're cool guys.

4 down and one to go, and it's a big one.

That's all, night folks.

"Rockstar. Get off my battlefield. You could not take it back from me."
(Rockstar, Jimmy Eat World)
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