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6/16/06 "Awww I love solids"
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Lot's of congrads today. First I say congrads to Tiff for graduating high school. I told her after 7 years she'd finally get out. Next congrads to Gina for giving birth to twin girls, Elizabeth and Alexandra. We have a court date on the 21st to discuss child support. HAHA. As for me, I have accomplished nothing as usual, woooo.

Still kinda sick, so hopefully I can healthy up by Saturday for band practice.

Today's comic was hard. It's hard to find something to tribute that had to do with being sick. Luckly (edited for secrecy) has done every possible thing imaginable.

Well that's all nice folks. Talk to you tomorrow.

"In case you're wondering I'm singing about growing up about giving in."
(Mr. Chainsaw, Alkaline Trio)
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