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6/19/06 "Ba rum pum psssh"
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Could you guess huh huh? Could you guess? Well Here is the salution.


Monday:The gesture was Nothing Nice to Say and the Quote was from Family Guy.

Tuesday:Calvin and Hobbes

Wednesday:It's a Webcomic called Ctrl-Alt-Del

Thursday:Another webcomic called Unshelved

Friday:It was the Simpsons. When Homer ate the sandwhich and got sick so he couldn't go to Duff gardens.

Saturday:It's Nirvana. It's modeled after a t-shirt.

Sunday:It's an obscure Robin Williams and Billy Crystal movie, called Father's Day. Go rent it.

That's it, some were harder then others. Thanks for playing.

"I'm just looking for a way to break on through these walls. I'm just looking for a place that I can call my home. Has anybody out there, got a soul? 'cuz im just lookin' for the girl. The girl with a heart of gold."
(Corazon De Oro, Rancid)
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