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6/26/06 "GREAT SCOTT!!!!"
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Yea I was up late yesterday checking out pollstar to see who is coming to town. I saw Sponge. I thought to myself "No fucking way. The plow guys?" And sure enough they're not only together and touring. They have a new album out. It's just as shocking as hearing Soul Asylum had a new album coming out, but Sponge. I didn't even know they were still together. Then I saw that the Gin Blossoms were playing The House of Blues. This isn't so surprising cause I was shocked when I found out they we're playing with the Go-Gos a few years ago. I was also shocked that Candlebox is touring too.

I admire those guys for still going. It may just be for money but it's still cool way to earn money.

"Searching for signs of life but there's nobody home."
(Good, Better Than Ezra)
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