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6/4/06 "So now what am I suppose to drink and watch?"
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Well a lot of you asked and I keep forgetting. The interview went okay. They asked to see a resume, a portfolio, and samples of my animation. So far I sent the my resume and me art journal as my portfolio. I don't have premier so I can't edit my animation till I get to school on Monday cause they are way bigger then the maximum 100 mb most sites will let me upload. So they might be on the fence about hiring me. Also considering I told them I need work on my rigging and animating. Ironically that's what I would be doing there.

Futurama Vol. 3 marathon. WOOO. Haha more like watching a bunch of the DVDs. Hehe.

"Maybe you'll jump into my ship and blast away. Over the blueish sky into a starry night."
(On A Scale From One To Awesome (You're Pretty Great), The Reunion Show)
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