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6/9/06 "Hey, Hey Ladies"
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The show was very awesome. Thanks to Tiff for making me go. The opening bands were awesome, some more then others. Aggrolites were okay, very reggae, nice to just groove too. Whole Wheat Bread were fucking awesome. They made everybody ignore the no moshing sign at the front of the troc. Feel bad that as I was leaving the bass player said "Wouldn't you like this in your record collection" I responded with "I wish", they're coming again with Reel Big Fish so I definitely will get a cd then hopefully, along with RBF's new album. Aquabats were fun, just really awesome.

This comic is a paraphrase from something that my friend Lis has in her profile. Also I'm pretty sure all the ladies know that already.

Later all, have fun.

"I should have left you when I was up."
(A Place In The Sun, Lit)
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