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7/11/06 "Cracked lens"
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Well more work to do doing the same models. Goddammit.

Also my neighbor decided to shove a huge speaker outside and blast crappy rap music. What the fuck man?


"So let me drown so I can breathe again. I’m through choking and suffocating On alter egos and alter motives. Which weigh you down and take control of. The way you are and the things that you need. The life you live and the dreams that you dream. Distort and blur all in slow motion. They broke you down and now your broken. And it’s sadder than the saddest movie. I ever saw but without the beauty So I stopped watching, I stopped caring. I've lost all interest and I stopped wearing. These plastic smiles, I’ve washed my hands clean. Forget that you forgot about me."
(Garden Statement, Hidden In Plain View)
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