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7/26/06 "I was going to hell anyway"
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That was Awesome Jess who filled in for yesterday. Why do you ask? Well she is practicing for next week when I go away to Boston, MA to rub elbows with fellow animators at Siggraph. YAAAY. It's nice to have a pseudo-vacation at this point.

So rather then lose my streak, she graciously volunteered to post my comics on this website while I'm gone starting Saturday. I promise to leave you with an awesome storyline to enjoy while I'm gone.

The show yesterday was okay. It coulda been better, it coulda been worse. I think the standout band was Suburban Legends. They had synchronized dance moves and closed the show with Under the Sea from the little mermaid. Westbound Train and Big D were awesome also. Voodoo Glow Skulls, I didn't even watch, I sat to the side waiting for them to get off. Catch 22, were pretty good. They did play wine stained Lips though. The show just didn't have an air of excitement, so it was kinda dull. It also ended at quarter of 11. Shocking.

Well I'm not gone yet, so I'll see you all tomorrow.

"And this is the difference between our lives. No wonder tonight you feel alright. And I'm sorry if my mind is occupied, I'm trying to forget to wonder why. (We're built up from nothing) I'm trying to forget to wonder why."
(LA.X, Big D And The Kids Table)
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