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8/14/06 "The drummer from Def Leppord only has one arm and he knows"
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Not gonna lie to you guys. I was in a big hurry when I drew yesterday's comic out. I should mention I actually said it to the waiter at Golden Empress. Thought it was funny as hell, so that's why I put in. Had fun though.

Today's comic is in reference to my recording session yesterday. Chris is very professional in the sense he wants quality, not quantity and efficiency. He extremely picky and demanding, but eh I can take it I've had experience with such things (I imagine a few people are gonna wanna asks specifics but, not gonna do it). It's just very different with the go in for one day, argue, get five songs done, and just try to do the best we could. Now since we don't have to pay we're taking our time and making something relatively good.

I have a beef with the recording process. Before I record I do wish there was a genral sit down and discussion of each song and how they are going to played for the recording, not just decide while we are there. Tooo many times have that happened and it just annoys me. Cause I'm going to play it like I have since I learned it, you can't just all of the sudden change it at the last minute. Also sometimes nobody notices that they we're playing the wrong note since the begining. So I feel a sit down and a discussion and rehersal of the songs to make sure everybody is on the same page is a good idea, cause that's less time arguing over he said/you said and you can just be all buisness and get shit done.

Well enough ranting. Later folks.

"Girls posess me, but they're never mine. I made my entrance, avoided hazards. Checked my engine, I fell behind........I fell behind."
(Story Of A Lonely Guy, Blink-182)
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