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8/21/06 "Giver or taker"
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Now Marten might be working at a library. Knock it off Jeph, your stealing my life. Haha.

Why do people insist to stare at a sign that says ring the bell for service and just stand there till someone comes around?

My job for the game company is just been killing me lately. I gotta learn a new program and learn more about the one I use already. I might have a soon deadline or not. I don't get why I have to do it, but I figure I'll figure it out and some point.

I'm forming an opinion to miss today's meeting so I can go out. Cause I'm just frustrated. On the other hand I need to know how soon I have to get everything done. Gotta talk to some people.


"Remember when there was nothing else to do, but lie in bed and, wonder how it was always up to you, and no one else and. Early mornings, late by warnings, what's the point of the alarm that I'm ignoring? It's even raining, I'm not complaining, but waking up is hard to do so."
(Heart Attack, Sum 41)
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