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8/25/06 "It's not gonna be an orgy! It's a toga party"
"I chose mediocrity"
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That's right I'm going to a toga party, thrown by my good friend Leah. It will be awesome.

Yea, I just thought of the punchline today. Ain't I quick witted? Since I don't think he reads this I will tell you that Marlon is considered one of the wrose animators currently in the program. Even though my reputation around the lab is one of being EXTREMELY lazy. God I hope he doesn't find this and bitch at me.

Have fun tonight and be safe all.

"(Say) Say that you love me. (Say) Say that you need me. (Say) Say that you want me. (Say) Don't ever leave me. (Shout) Come on now."
(Shout, Otis Day and the Knights)
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