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4/30/07 "End of the road? Not even close"
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Honestly while I was watching the finished product with my classmates I was thinking: "Oh maybe I can tweak it, here, here, and here, make it the most amazing short ever made." I still think I could do some improvements too it, but I'm happy with the result.

Of course I could spend my whole life devoted to that minute and a half making every little thing perfect. But I think my time would be better spent working on making newer better animations and characters. Which I plan to do all summer before going to Siggraph in San Diego.

Also I have plenty of other projects. Finishing my post production class comes to mind right away. I could go back to work on the game, I could go back to the drawing board, the list can go on.

I guess I will always panic when I finish a project I've been working on for so long. Cause at some point you have to declare it done and bring it to the public. It's only natural I think.

That's all I feel like saying. Night kids, sleep tight.

"And life is a road that I wanna keep going. Love is a river, I wanna keep flowing. Life is a road, now and forever, wonderful journey."
(At The Beginning, Richard Marx and Donna Lewis)
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