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7/9/07 "Da shore"
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Thanks to the Hitchman Siblings: Heather, Grace and Josh for a fun day.

Two things that happened that I didn't have space for, were driving around for what felt like forever looking for parking. And the fact we all had french fries for dinner.

It was weird being down there after so long. Lot's has changed. The prize wheel my Aunt spent her whole day at is gone, FUCKING GONE!!! However I think the guy who worked it moved to another place on the boardwalk. Also it's all about big prizes, playstations, wiis, 360s, flat panels. Deal or no deal really effected the shore I think. Not only is it an arcade game the cranes have suitcases containing different prizes. Also there are a lot more clothing stores. It's freaky to go there. The only amusing change is that they threw a Dunkin Donuts in the middle of the boardwalk.

Well that's it. Night all.

"Let the good times roll."
(Good Times Roll, The Cars)
Might be back, we'll see.
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