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8/12/07 "Analyzing the Group"
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I was just thinking, from my point of view, how we react to each other and how interact. Cause it's quite interesting. Cause some have said we are completely different people outside the animation lab(consensus is that I'm same no matter where). But it's fairly interesting, how some may not get along otherwise but make it work.

P.S. The drawing in panel two is based on a real picture.

Well I saw a lot of cool stuff: Transformers how they did it and a production challenge where  professionals tried to make a short in front of a crowd(they had to go into extra hours to finish it). Ate at some nice restaurants, handed out business cards and partied. Also a large amount of sweet swag.

Saw a bit of San Diego too(unlike Boston last year). Saw the Marina, downtown and Balboa park. A very nice park which we hiked for about an hour for (but was well worth it).

By the end of the week I was was kinda ready to leave but felt sad about leaving. Cause I may not have the worries I have over there, but I still feel the same loneliness as I do here, so.

Also this is one of the last romps for the gang. Since some are moving on to other things post-graduating(myself included), though quit a few that went still had another year.

Next year will be LA, money permitting(an probably other circumstances) will determine my attendance. We shall see.

That is all folks. SCHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

"Pangs of silence. From the room upstairs. How's the view there? Do you read what they're saying about you? That you're no fun. Since the war was won. In fact, you have become. All of the things you've always run away from."
(The Ascent Of Stan, Ben Folds)
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