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8/22/07 "Fugitive from Typographic Justice"
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Yea, giving a joke for those graphic designers out there.

The only type crime I actually commit regularly is having widows. That's when you only have one word at the bottom of a paragraph.

As for the comic sans thing, it's not necessarily a crime, but most designers hate that font. I don't know why. I kinda dig it.

That it besides reminding people to Vote for me down at city paper. Got till midnight thursday.


"Trashed and battered now and passed out on the floor. I'm getting good at sleeping on dates. Nothing seems to hold my interest anymore. Bad ideas come in small doses. Nice to meet you. We can't wow you with our people skills. We make enemies not friends. Your name again?"
(Karate Chops For Everyone But Us, Piebald)
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