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9/12/07 "A feet never done before, as far as I know"
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It's true, she told me she plans to read all of my comics. Now since I did this strip she kinda has to haha. I just wanna make clear that I'm not making her, she's doing this all on her own. Which is cool. Granted there are people who've been reading this strip for a long long time, but I doubt anybody has read them all. If there is nobody told me. But I think it's important to point out though that she is a new reader and she's never met me in real life. Which I think is interesting to point out.

Also in the spirit of fan appreciation week, I decided to ask you guys if you want a pic with yours truly here(meaning comic Tim not the real me). I already did a few, but I figured I'd ask the rest of you if you wanted a pic too. Just make sure you have reference for me too look at. Leave me a comment if you want one.

That's it, love you all.

"If we listen to each other's heart. We'll find we're never too far apart. And maybe love is the reason why. For the first time ever we're seeing it eye to eye."
(I 2 I, Tevin Campbell)
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